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Commercial Lines Underwriter

Position Reports To

Location: Raleigh, NC
Department: Underwriting
Position Reports To: Commercial Underwriting Supervisor

General Definition

Determines the desirability and conditions for accepting or continuing coverage in accordance with Company standards; supports the Marketing Department in the acquisition, service and retention of prospects and policyholders. The underwriter has a responsibility to help the Company achieve its goals of providing good insurance protection at a reasonable cost to Farm Bureau members.



  1. Reviews total account and assists agent in determining coverage needed.

  2. Determines acceptability based on Company standards and information received.

  3. If found to be acceptable, the underwriter furnishes information required to correctly rate and complete quotation to the Rating Unit. The decision and quotation is then relayed by underwriter to agent by memo, telephone or via E-mail.

  4. If the trial application cannot be approved, agent is notified of decision. Or if approval is conditional, agent is informed of conditions that need to be met for approval.


  1. Underwriter reviews all new applications to determine:

    1. Acceptability.

    2. If coverage is adequate and properly afforded.

    3. Information required to correctly rate and complete quotation of initial policy.

  2. In addition to the application, the underwriter may request supplemental information:

    1. Motor Vehicle Reports if automobile exposures are afforded.

    2. Financial Reports - Dun & Bradstreet and Credit Bureau Reports.

    3. Engineering Reports.

    4. Rate publications and information from Bureaus.

    5. Request additional information from agent.

    6. Review other business in force with Company.

  3. Communicates decisions on desirability and coverage to agent by memo or telephone. Decisions are sometimes adverse and good communications skills are necessary to keep climate between Home Office and agent healthy. Must respect agent and earn agent's respect.


  1. All change requests are reviewed before endorsement or changes are issued. A brief review of file is made, noting the change requested and how the change may affect acceptability. With this analysis, the change may be approved as requested, altered to qualify for approval or rejected. In this analysis, practically all elements of underwriting initial application must be followed.

  2. Many accounts are reviewed at renewal for desirability, adequate premium basis, audit, or to make recommendations for the rewrite policy. The amount of renewal activity required could range from a brief policy review to an entire account analysis.

ACCOUNT UNDERWRITING The Commercial Underwriter is responsible for the account underwriting of any insured who has policies crossing any of the three sections of personal, farm or commercial underwriting. This is on a referral basis from other underwriters, claims, marketing or collections.


  1. The Commercial Underwriter is responsible for review of monthly claim status printouts on a policy level. This listing includes all policies that have had a specified number of losses within a specified time frame. The Commercial Underwriter re-underwrites accordingly.

  2. As Account Underwriter, the Commercial Underwriter is responsible for review of monthly claim status reports on a customer level. The Commercial Underwriter re-underwrites and communicates with the agent accordingly.

  3. Large property losses of $25,000 or more are referred from claims to underwriting for review. The Commercial Underwriter re-underwrites accordingly.


  1. The underwriter needs a working knowledge of policies, forms and endorsements; a firm grasp of the principles of insurance and the practical application of these principles; an in-depth knowledge of rating and use of manuals.

  2. Should be able to communicate decisions and reasons to agents and insureds in a professional manner; develop and maintain a good working relationship with agents, co-workers and others.

  3. An underwriter needs basic working knowledge of real estate and personal property appraisal for valuation; basic accounting skills for interpretation and analysis of financial reports; recognize changes in commercial practices and exposures.

  4. In order to improve and develop insurance knowledge and its application, the underwriter participates in activities such as:

    1. Attending District Meetings, Annual Sales Conference, Underwriting Conferences and Industry Seminars.

    2. Participation in section meetings to keep informed of underwriting guidelines, changes in procedure; study of policy contracts, forms and manuals.

    3. Participation in an on-going program of formal industry courses such as those sponsored by IIA.


  1. Maintains correct manuals and guides and reviews bulletins to keep abreast of procedural and technical revisions or changes.

  2. Makes field calls with agent when requested, to assist with technical aspects of sales to prospects or service to policyholders.

  3. Keeps District Sales Manager informed of problems which may require attention.

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