Available Discounts

North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company appreciates your business! We are pleased to offer numerous discounts to our insureds, including some of the following for which you may qualify.

Automobile Discounts


  • Discount when more than one automobile is insured on your NC Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company auto policy.
  • Property discount when your home is insured with NC Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company.
  • Discounts for years of driving experience.
  • Discounts for choosing to pay your premium in full instead of opting for one of our convenient payment plans.
  • Discount for married drivers who meet certain driving experience criteria.
  • Protection Plus discount for insureds that carry comprehensive and collision coverage combined with higher bodily injury limits on their auto policies.
  • Discount for higher bodily injury limits.
  • Discounts for automobiles equipped with airbags.
  • Discounts for motorcycles with collision coverage that meet certain engine size criteria.
Property Discounts


  • New Home and Rate Bureau discounts for homes that meet certain age requirements.
  • Value Plus or Carolina Partner Plus discounts available if your home meets certain criteria such as age, condition, coverages and protective devices.
  • Discounts available if your home is equipped with smoke detectors, burglar and/or fire alarm or sprinkler systems.
  • Discounts available for policies with a higher deductible
  • Discount on select Homeowners insurance when your auto is also insured with NC Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company.

For more information, or to schedule a confidential insurance review, contact your agent.